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Professional Persons comments-

 July 2023

  • Excellent reception, with staff that care so much about each other and everyone of their patients.

  • Communication and support is always prompt.

  • Excellent, friendly and approachable and always have the clients needs at the centre of their planning.

  • staff seems to have a good understanding of the service users, its like a family.

  • Clients alwasy doing activity and sharing time together

Family Views-

May 2023

  • I cannot believe how all members of staff go above and beyond to look after all the residents, all of them are angels and we cannot thank them enough.

  • A fantastic home with professional staff throughout.

  • How everyone looked after my mum throughout the hardest time of her life was quite frankly incredible

  • All the staff at Laureston House go above and beyone to provide a safe, caring and enjoyable environment for their residents. 

  • A lovely warm and welcoming home, my mum has a new lease of life since moving here. It really is a home.

Resdients views- 

​June 2023

  • We are a family

  • Im really Happy here

  • The staff look after us very well

  • I am blessed to be here

  • We always have fun

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